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Registration for the next school year

Students register annually. Students are required to register at the beginning of the next school year at the latest.

Students can register for the next year with:

  • completed 54 ECTS points for state-financed students (only for the 2009/2010 academic year)
  • completed 37 ECTS points for self-financing students

State-financed students retain their status under the condition of passing the exams for the current school year.

If the self-financing students don't pass all the exams necessary to register in the next year, they are obliged to pay a tuition fee.

Self-financing students that complete 60 ECTS points in the expected period have the right to change their status into state-financed students. According to the Law of Higher Education, the number of state-financed students can be increased by 20%.If the number of the students obtaining new status exceeds the approved percentage, the rank list is formed according to two basic criteria: number of passed exams and average grade.

Students who have completed the first two school years with the average grade above 8.5 obtain the right to complete the studies in a short period of time under the conditions in accordance with the Faculty Statute.


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