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The Law of Higher Education emphasizes the partnership between students and teachers as an important guideline for the implementation of the Bologna Process that started four years ago.
In the new education system, a student mustn't be a passive object in the learning process but an active party, whose opinion and initiative should be taken into consideration for the improvement of the quality of higher education. Until March 2007, the Student Association of the Faculty of Economics in Niš (SSEF), a student organization of general type, was the largest and the only representative organization at the Faculty of Economics that represented all students of the faculty and fought for their rights and interests.Activites and authority of the Student Association of the Faculty of Economics are defined by the Statute.
In March 2007, the Students' Parliament was constituted at the Faculty of Economics in Niš-the SPEFn, first convocation, as an equal managing body, consisting of the SSEF's members largely.
The SPEF represents a Faculty body, alongside with the Faculty Council, and Teaching and Scientific Council, that helps students achieve their rights and protects their interests as well.The most important authority of the SPEFn is that it elects student representatives for the bodies of the faculty and University, who through the discussion and partnership with teachers, act on a concrete problem and try to solve it.
Besides the election of student representatives, the SPEFn can in accordance with the Statute:
-introduce general acts about its work,
-establish working bodies that will deal with certain tasks and activities entrusted to the Students' Parliament,
-consider issues regarding teaching quality assurance and assessment, study programme reforms, the analysis of the efficiency of studying and establishment of ECTS points,
-advance student mobility, encourage the scientific-research work of students, protect student rights, advance student standard, organize and implement the extracurricular activity programme for students
-introduce annual activity plan and programme
-realize student interfaculty and international cooperation
-give opinion on pedagogical work of teachers
-adopt financial plan and report on financial business activity of the Students' Parliament
The SPEFn has as its objective to implement the rights and protect the interests of all the students of the faculty.In order that this objective could be implemented, the SPEFn actively participates, not only through its representatives, but also by considering the important issues in its sessions, making efforts to solve the concrete problems and giving support to student initiatives.It is also involved in solving the issues regarding the teaching process, the rights and interests of the students.
The SPEFn has its representatives in the Students' Parliament of the University of Nis, who represent their faculty and dedicate themselves to implementing the common objectives of all the Students' Parliaments at the University level.It is relevant to mention that the Faculty of Economics has a student representative that performs the role of a vice-president of the Students' Parliament of the University of Nis. It also has a representative in the University Senate and in the Disciplinary Committee of the University.
In the previous period, the Students' Parliament has managed to achieve important results for the benefit of the students and improvement of the general quality of studying at the Faculty of Economics and the University.
In cooperation with the Student Association, the Students' Parliament has organized study visits to stock exchanges, fares, lectures of eminent experts in the area of economics (current ministers, managers...) and also to manifestations of social, cultural and entertainment nature like Menadzerijada, Ekonomijada, book promotions, literary evenings, graduation celebrations, excursions for graduates, parties (New Year's, Orthodox New Year's, Valentine's Day, 8 March,...).
Through its activities in the faculty bodies (the Teaching and Scientific Council, Faculty Senate, Committee for Teaching and Science), the SPEFn has ensured the following benefits: taking of the exams according to the system of an odd and even registration number, the choice of a teacher, etc.)

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