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Dean's Office

Dean's office is consisted of a dean and three vice-deans, for finance, scientific research and academic and students' affairs.


Faculty Council

According to the articles 114 and 115 of the Statute of the Faculty of Economics in Niš, the Faculty Council, on the constituent meeting held on 18 February, 2010 made


Academic Council of the Faculty

The Academic Council of the Faculty is composed of all the teachers and associates. In making decisions on questions of quality insurance of lectures, reform of study programs, analysis of studying efficiency and establishment of the number of ECTS points, students, also, participate in the work of the Council and its bodies (students make 10% of the members) Student members of the Council are elected by the Student Parliament.


Students' Parliament

The Law of Higher Education emphasizes the partnership between students and teachers as an important guideline for the implementation of the Bologna Process that started four years ago.
In the new education system, a student mustn't be a passive object in the learning process but an active party, whose opinion and initiative should be taken into consideration for the improvement of the quality of higher education.


Student's Unions

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