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The objectives of the Masters Courses

The study programme Economics at the Master's course level has as its objective to offer students the maximum of professional and theoretical knowledge that will help in solving complex and concrete economic problems in the area of:

  • macro and microeconomic analysis, economic development, economic policy, economic theory
  • financial management, internal auditing, external auditing, organization of accounting information system
  • finance, banking and work of insurance companies
  • enterprise management (management as a process with sub-process planning, organizing, managing and controlling, business function management and business process management, corporate management, human resource management and intellectual capital management), marketing (management capability and creative business thinking, implementation of business strategies, realization and application of market research outcomes, market communication and creation of good public relations, etc)
  • international management (international economics, international finance and international marketing) and
  • tourism management (regional aspect of tourism in the world and the country, development processes, methods and criteria of decision making in tourism).


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