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Documentation required for registration in the Faculty

When applying, candidates submit the following documentation:

  1. birth certificate
  2. certificates from all secondary education classes (original)
  3. final exam certificate (original)
  4. evidence of a compensation payment for taking an entrance exam (an appropriate amount on the previously mentioned transfer account)
  5. evidence of a compensation payment for taking remedial exams (the payment should be executed in appropriate amount on the transfer account number of the Faculty of Economics in Niš: 840-1683666-17)

Candidates are obliged to bring an ID or passport to the exam.

Candidates who do not apply directly to the Faculty of Economics have to take the following four remedial exams:

  • Political Economics (Basics of Economics),
  • Enterprise Economics (Business Economics),
  • National Economics,
  • Statistics.

Candidates are taking the oral exam a few days before the entrance exam. The payment of an appropriate amount should be executed when applying.

Each year, the Faculty organizes tuition for examination subjects. Candidates who want to take tuition for examination subjects have to make a payment of an appropriate amount on the transfer account of the Faculty.

Candidates who have passed the entrance exam, are enrolled by submitting the following documents:

  • оriginal documents
  • two ŠV-20 forms
  • index
  • birth certificate
  • 2 photographs, 4 x 6 cm format.
  • evidence of a semester payment
  • evidence of a tuition fee payment (for self-financed students).

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