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The structure of the Masters Courses

Graduate academic studies (Master's) are conceived according to the Law of Higher Education of the Republic of Serbia and Bologna Declaration. The studies last for 2 semesters comprising 60 ECTS, with the total of 300 ECTS which contains previously obtained 240 ECTS of the undergraduate studies. After completing the Master's degree studies, students may enroll into the doctoral studies. The graduate academic studies (Master's) last for 1 year (2 semesters) and comprise the study programme-Economics which has 8 modules:

  1. General Economics
  2. Accounting, Auditing and Financial Management
  3. Finance, Banking and Insurance
  4. Enterprise Management
  5. Marketing
  6. International Management
  7. Tourism Management
  8. International Business Development

In the first semester of a Master's degree course students listen to and pass 5 exams, two being compulsory and three elective. Each subject has 4 classes a week i.e. has a week fund of classes that amounts to 20 per semester. During the second semester of the first 7 modules, students are obliged to submit a research work. The compulsory-elective subject ratio is 40% to 60% according to their number and number of ECTS as well. The fund of ECTS per semester is 30.

The second semester is conceived to allow students to engage in research work that comprises 10 ECTS. The preparation and defense of a Master's thesis is also compulsory in this semester and comprises 20 ECTS.

The lectures of the module International Business Development last for 2 semesters. The total number of compulsory subjects per semester is 7, worth 3 ECTS each, except French language which is worth 2 ECTS. At the end of the 10 semester the preparation and defense of a Master's thesis is compulsory and comprises 20 ECTS.


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