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About the Undergraduate Course

Undergraduate studies last for 4 years (8 semesters).The studies comprise the following study programmes:

  • BUSINESS MANAGEMENT with 4 modules:
    • Enterprise Management
    • Marketing
    • International Management
    • Tourism Management

The study programme General Economics educates students in the area of macro and microeconomic analysis, economic policy and economic theory.The graduates of this study programme are provided with the conditions to address creatively the economic issues in social bodies and institutions, in organizations specializing in social planning, development and investment and large economic systems as well.

The graduates of the study programme Accounting, Auditing and Financial Management are educated for performing highly skilled, managerial and analytic jobs in the area of accounting, auditing and financial management in all the economic sectors: financial sector (banks, insurance companies, investment and pension funds), profit sector (production, commerce and service business subjects), financial service sector, public sector as well as for the application of accounting information for managing enterprises and other profit and non-profit organizations.

The graduates of the study programme Finance, Banking and Insurance acquire knowledge and skills necessary for managing highly skilled, managerial and analytic jobs in the wide area of finance.After completing the studies, the students are qualified to work in various organizations operating in the financial market, especially banks including the central bank.They have master of knowledge necessary for work in all the segments of the financial market: foreign exchange market, money and capital market, stock exchange.They are also qualified to analyze all the types of financial statements in terms of their formal character as well as their economic content.

The graduates of the study programme Business Management - module Enterprise Management acquire managerial knowledge and skills for successful managing and leading of enterprises in private and public sector, public institutions and services as well as non-profit organizations.Knowledge in contemporary management can be applied at the national, regional and international level of corporate management as well as in small and medium enterprises.The experts of this area can work as consultants in ministries, chambers of economy and local authorities.By completing undergraduate course in Marketing, a new management and marketing knowledge and competences are acquired for operating market oriented business activities, organized and synchronized  market approach, undertaking of market research, product, service and idea development, creation of recognizable corporate image, strong and valuable brand development, as well as for performing the activities of sale and distribution.

In the course International Management the essence and importance of international enterprise business as well as idiosyncrasies and perspectives of international business and management are emphasized.

After completing the study programme Tourism Management, the students are qualified to perform jobs in private and public tourism sector (hotel business, agency business, economic associations, governing bodies in tourism, advertising, pedagogical work, etc.) and complementary activities.

The graduate studies of all the study programmes offer knowledge and skills that can solve complex economic issues at macro and micro level as well as knowledge necessary for performing complex managerial and executive jobs.


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