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Implementation of the Curriculum

Curriculum of the Faculty of Economics is implemented through lectures and practical work, consultation, seminar courses, training and seminar paper.

Lectures and practical work

The lectures and practical work start on 1 October and end on 30 May of the following year. The attendance of students is validated by teacher's signature. Without the signature students can not register for the next semester.

The Faculty Senate every school year defines what textbooks, scripts and other literature will be used for each subject.

Necessary literature can be obtained at the course materials bookshop or in the library of the faculty.


Teachers and associates organize consultation as a form of help to students in mastering, examining and explaining course material. The dates and hour of the consultations are displayed on the electronic board in the faculty hall.

Seminar course

Students of the first year must prepare two seminar papers. The confirmation of passed exams and completed seminar papers is submitted when registering for the next year.

Seminar course is managed by teachers and associates. Successfully completed seminar paper is evaluated as "acceptable", which is registered in the student index.

Student training

Student training is organized at the four year study level and is undertaken in an enterprise under guidance of teachers.

Student training takes place during the winter break, between VII and VIII semesters. Students spend 10 working days of training within which they examine a given topic.
Before validating VII semester, students must submit their student indexes with the confirmation of completed training programme i.e. teacher's signature.

Final paper

Students must prepare and defended a final paper at the end of studies.

Student choose the topic of their final paper beginning with VII semester. The application form for final paper defense is submitted to the Department for Academic and Students'Affairs. The topic of a final paper and defense committee are determined by the teacher in cooperation with the head of a department.

The student, who has completed academic obligations and final paper, submits the final paper to a mentor. At the mentor's request the defense of the final paper is scheduled.The defense is public. After the public defense of the final paper, the confirmation of graduation is issued within 7 days, twice a year. The faculty organizes the graduation ceremony.

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