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Academic Council of the Faculty

The Academic Council of the Faculty is composed of all the teachers and associates of the Faculty. Students, also, participate in the work of the Council and its bodies (students make 10% of members) in making decisions on questions of quality assurance of lectures, reform of study programs, analysis of studying efficiency and establishment of the number of ECTS points. Student members of the Council are elected by the Student Parliament.The Dean of the Faculty is the Chair of the Council by function.

The Academic Council within its range of authority:

  • proposes the Statute of the Faculty to the Faculty Council,
  • proposes the financial plan of the Faculty to the Faculty Council ,
  • proposes report on business operations and annual account of the Faculty to the Faculty Council,
  • proposes the plan of asset utilization for investments,
  • proposes the level of tuition fee to the Faculty Council,
  • proposes a Decision on changes in the Statute to the Faculty Council,
  • introduces general act and appropriate decisions on the admission of students,
  • proposes the study programs for all levels of study,
  • proposes a Decision on inviting applications for admission,
  • makes a Decision on procedures for preparing doctoral dissertations,
  • proposes a Desion regarding the approval of the engagement of teachers in other institutions of higher education, according to the General Act of the University,
  • makes a Decision on the engagement of teachers according to Article 78, Subsection 3 of the Act,
  • proposes candidates for rector's position,
  • introduces programs of scientific and research work of the Faculty,
  • makes decisions on founding and dissolving of departments,
  • chooses the representatives of the Faculty for the bodies of the University,
  • considers the annual report about program implementation of scientific research,
  • considers and prepares proposals regarding issues that the Faculty Council decides on
  • performs other activities as well, established by the Law and Statute.

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