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Entrance Examination

Candidates applying for the first year of study must pass the entrance exam in two out of four following subjects:

Political Economics (Principles of Economics)
Economics (Business Economics)
Mathematics and

Entrance exam encompasses programme content learned in а secondary schools. The faculty will prepare special reference books for each subject from which students can learn for the entrance exam. The reference books can be bought at the course materials bookshop.

The selection of candidates for the admission to the first year of study is performed according to the results of the entrance exam and general achievement in а secondary school that is according to the rank list comprising the total number of points of each candidate. Candidates can obtain the maximum of 100 points.

The general achievement refers to the sum of average marks of all subjects in the first, second, third and fourth forms multiplied by 2.On this basis candidates can collect the minimum of 16 points and the maximum of 40 points. General achievement in secondary school is presented in two rounded decimal figures.

The result achieved at the entrance exam is evaluated from 0 to 60 points and is presented in two rounded decimal figures. The entrance exam for the undergraduate studies is organized independently of the number of applied candidates.

The faculty establishes the unified rank list for state-financed candidates and candidates paying a tuition fee. The place in the rank list and the number of obtained points defines whether the candidate can be enrolled in the first year of study, as well as the status of the candidate.

Candidates that have obtained more than 51 points and rank among the approved number of state-financed students are financed from the budget.

In case that, two candidates have the same number of points in the rank list, their admission rights are the same. For instance, if a candidate ranks last among state-financed students or first among self-financing students, he/she will be admitted as a state financed student.

Candidates ranking among the approved number of self-financing students and with more than 30 obtained points pay a tuition fee. The number of state-financed students and self-financing students is determined by the National Council for Higher Education and The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia.

If a candidate who has fulfilled admission requirements doesn't enroll at the expected time, the faculty will admit another student according to the ranking position. In the accreditation process, the total of 880 students has been approved for admission, out of which 350 are state-financed students.

The Faculty of Economics in Nis admits the largest number of students, besides the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade. In recent years, all students applying for the enrollment into the first year of study have been admitted to the faculty. In the 2008/2009 academic year, the lowest number of points needed for receiving the status of a state-financed student was 89, 38 points (the sum of points obtained from secondary school and the entrance exam).

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