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Scientific-research Work

Scientific-research work at the Faculty of Economics is implemented through the Center for Economic Research. Our intention is to model the scientific-research work at the Faculty on the developed, educational, scientific and research setting of the surrounding countries as well as the EU member countries. Individual work of each teacher and associate gives contribution to the work of the Center, i.e. development of scientific-research work of the Faculty itself.

One of the main work objectives of the Center in the following period is making the scientific-research work more intense, organized and broader and thus satisfying one of the conditions for the verification of the Faculty as a scientific institution. Also, the development of a new scientific-research generation of the Faculty, i.e. students of graduate as well as undergraduate studies and their ivolvement into the process as main drivers remain the basic objectives of the Center’s research work.

Center for Economic Research

Within its range of operations, the Center for Economic Research will focus its activities on:

  • Proceedings of the project realization financed by the Ministry of Science and Evironmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia-the teachers and associates of the Faculty participate as researchers in the projects undertaken by the Faculty of Economics in Nis, the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, Agricultural Faculty Lesak, Economic Institute in Belgrade, the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Nis;
  • Inclusion of new projects at the Republic and local autonomy level;
  • Proceedings of the project realization financed by international organizations and institutions (e.g. TEMPUS).Within this activity the study visits of our teachers and associates to the universities of the EU country members-project partners, are realized;
  • Development and application of new projects-international and national;
  • Development of study projects within the registered activities of the Faculty;
  • Applied and development researches;
  • Establishment and development of cooperation within the”Erasmus-mundus” project and organization of the mobility of students;
  • Establishment of cooperation with research institutions of the University of Nis for the purpose of the advancement of business efficiency of econimc subjects and institutions on the territory of the Republic of Serbia;
  • Organization of scientific conferences of an international character above all;
  • Organization of symposiums and instructional seminars independently and/or in cooperation with other institutions, for users who perform various activities in the fields of customs and fiscal system, telecommunications, health insurance and other.The purpose of educational seminars is the knowledge innovation of its attendants in the area of economic sciences;
  • Consulting services.

The objective of the program realization of the work of the Center for Economic Research at the Faculty of Economics is the acquisition of its competitiveness on the market, as a permanent research unit of great importance particularly for the town of Nis and the Region. Professional body of the Center is the Council of the Center for Economic Research, consisting of 11 memebers. The Council of the Center for Economic Research consists of:

  • Two representatives from each department(a teacher and an associate);
  • Vice-Dean for scientific work,
  • Two student members.


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