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VISA - Studies in English


Candidates who applied for the entrance exam and who meet all the requirements for accessing the course will receive the certificate from the Faculty of Medicine University of Nis to obtain a visa to enter the country.


Candidates who passed the entrance exam will receive the proof of registration which they need to obtain a long-stay visa in the country. Future students could get proof of registration, after payment of 2500 euros (or 1250 euros – fee for first semester).

Residential/ study visa is issued in the Niš Police Department (PU NIŠ ul. Nade Tomić br.14 Department of border police for foreigners, fight against illegal migration and trafficking in human beings; phone: +38118-511-222 ; +38164-60-21-223 email: granicnapolicijanis@mup.gov.rs) according to the study period approved by the Faculty.

- Form for temporary stay
- 2 photos
- passport copy + “white card” (proof of entry)
- index copy
- certification letter from the university/faculty
- healtn insurance
- accomodation information – evidence of ownership of the appartment or copy of the id of the owner)
- proof of financial resources (1500 eur at your banc account)
- payment number 1 (310,00 RSD is around 3 euros)
- payment number 2 (420,00 RSD is around 4 euros)


All international students have to register with the police/local authorities within 24 hours of arriving in Serbia.

International students who opt for private rental accommodation have to register with the police within 24 hours of arriving in Serbia at the following address: Odeljenje granične policije za strance (Office for Foreigners of the Ministry of Interior), Bulevar 12. februar 89, Niš. The registration can be conducted exclusively in the presence of the flat/house owner. In case the flat/house owner is absent (due to illness, disability, work or another reason), a judicial authorizationis issued to another person to conduct registration on behalf of the flat/house owner. International students are advised to go to this police station also accompanied by a local student volunteer (buddy) to avoid any misunderstanding due to a possible language barrier. In order to register, international students have to present a valid passport and an appropriate certificate from the University of Niš.

After registering with the police, international students will be issued a “white card”, which will allow them to reside in the Republic of Serbia in the following 90 days. Immediately upon being issued a white card, international students are required to submit a copy of it either to the International Relations Office of the University of Niš (Univerzitetski trg 2) or to their faculty.

If an international student leaves the Republic of Serbia within the 90-day period granted for his/her stay, without applying for a temporary residence permit, he/she is obliged to register with the police within 24 hours of every subsequent re-entry into the country, following the procedure described above.

International students need to register an address change in the Republic of Serbia with the police within 24 hours of the move.


International students who have been issued a white card, i.e. who have been granted a 90-day stay in Serbia, are obliged to apply for a temporary residence permit within those 90 days if they want to extend their stay in the country. They are advised to apply as early as possible, ideally, immediately after being issued a white card, in order to prevent any possible problems that may arise in case their documentation necessary for granting a temporary residence permit is incomplete and they do not have enough time to obtain it.

When applying for a temporary residence permit, it is necessary to submit the following documents:
- a valid passport (with a visa, if necessary)
- a copy of the white card
- a certificate of admission issued by the University of Niš
- proof of health insurance coverage
- proof of financial support/resources
- proof of residence (the lease contract)
- two photographs (passport size)
- three copies of the completed application form (Application for Issuance of Approval for Temporary Stay) obtained at the police office
- proof of paid application processing fee for the residence permit

HERE is the model form of the temporary residence permit followed by the temporary residence permit filled out with required information.

Applicants who have submitted their application documents will be issued a confirmation slip stating that their application has been received. Applicants are required to submit a copy of this confirmation slip to the International Relations Office of the University of Niš (Univerzitetski trg 2) or to their faculty

When an international student is granted a temporary residence permit, it shall be affixed in the student's passport (in the form of a label). Immediately after being granted a temporary residence permit, the student is obliged to submit a copy of the passport page to which his/her temporary residence label is affixed tп the International Relations Office of the University of Niš (Univerzitetski trg 2) or to his/her faculty.

An international student should submit an application for the extension of the temporary residence period not later than 30 days prior to the expiration of the temporary residence permit.

Temporary residence may be extended for up to two years after the expiration of the duration of the study programme, specialization or practical training.

If an international student fails to submit an application for a temporary residence permit within 90 days of entering the country, his/her stay in the Republic of Serbia will be deemed illegal and the police may take measures against him/her as provided for by the law.

Prior to the beginning of each academic year, the University of Niš will submit a list of all international students to the police, along with the type of scholarship granted to each student and the duration of the study programme at the University.

You can find more information at: http://mup.gov.rs/wps/portal/en/information


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