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About the Faculty of Economics in Niš

The Faculty of Economics in Niš is an institution of higher education within the University of Niš which by performing its activities combines educational, scientific and research work as a part of a unique process of higher education.The Faculty was founded by the Alteration and Supplement Act of the University Law. The founder of the Faculty of Economics in Niš is the Republic of Serbia.Until 1973 the Faculty was a part of the Faculty of Law and Economics, later on it became an independent University unit.

At the Faculty of Economics the studies have been held on basic, postgraduate and doctoral level. Since the founding of the Faculty of Economics till the acquisition of a new syllabus, i.e. study programs on 23 November, 8.145 students have graduated, 90 have completed an M.Sc. degree and 43 have obtained a Ph.D degree. Given the number of enrolled students, the quality of education offered, the results of science and research work, cadre potential, the Faculty of Economics in Niš has become a recognizable and respectable institution of higher education in Serbia and the surroundings.For the purpose of following the contemporary trends in the development of higher education and economics, the Faculty of Economics has permanently changed its syllabus and curricula, has adopted new study literature, has enlarged library holdings, has performed the admittance of new associates and researchers.

For the purpose of adjusting the syllabus to the Bologna Process and Higher Education Law brought in September 2005, the Faculty of Economics in Niš has begun to redesign its syllabus i.e. new study programs.The main objective of the new study programs is the integration of the Faculty of Economics into a unique European educational area.


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