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Jelena Radojković

Jelena Radojkovic lives and works in Svrljig. The Faculty of Economics - general direction, she enrolled in the school year 1994/1995, with a degree earned 180 points she got in 2003. At the third year of study she married and gave birth to her first child.

In the meantime, I enrolled and completed four-year studies at the Faculty of Security and to achieve 240 points.

After graduation, I worked for five years in the industry and realized that I wanted to try to combine my two great loves, and this love of writing and a love of the economy and in this I failed.

I realized my dream through work that I do today, and that's writing projects for obtaining grants from the European Union, as well as other domestic and foreign funds and Ministries.

I am currently employed at the Municipality of Svrljig as an associate of the president of the municipality for project activities, and in the period from 2014 to 2017 year I performed this work from a position of Deputy Mayor.

So far, the municipality Svrljig approved over two million€ of grants for projects that I've done, but I plan to in the next period there will be more projects and of course more money for construction.

I also worked for two years as the coordinator of the Ministry of Agriculture for Rural Development and the Municipality of Svrljig at that time launched a lot of important activities that have contributed to partial stopping and slowing migration from villages in the central part of the municipality and in other centers such as Nis.

Another of my success, for which I am very proud of the establishment of women's associations "Ethno Forum" in 2009, which is one of only three organizations from all over Serbia who received the prize in Brussels in October 2014 for integration of Roma. The association was founded with the mission of help and support to marginal groups of citizens and single mothers, people with disabilities, women living in rural areas, Roma, youth, the elderly and our work are supported by almost all Ministries of the Republic of Serbia, but also a large number of donors from abroad (www.etnoforumsvrljig.rs).

I also formed a women's agricultural cooperative called "Svrljiška ženska zadruga" in which I brought together women involved in agricultural production, they might find it easier to enter the market and sell their products.

I very much engaged in the field of gender equality and as such was one of the participants of the Academy of women's leadership in 2015, and I am one of the members of the Network for the drafting of the adoption of one of the most important UN Resolution, Resolution 1325 - Women, Peace and Security.

In the meantime I finished the Faculty of Security, I might seriously to devote myself to the problems and issues of security and women turn up at the national level in decision-making in this area.

From leisure activities I could mention that I am one of the founders of the Association of Business Women of the Chamber of Commerce in Nis and one of the founders of the women's Rotary Club "Carica Jelena" in Nis.

All this I achieved thanks to the fact that I had the opportunity and honor to be one of the students of Faculty of Economics in Nis, where I learned what it means to work, perseverance, ambition and how it all together into a whole, and to achieve what we all strive for, and that is we do what we love.

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