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Predrag Mitrović

He started working career as a professor of the economic group of subjects (based economics, monetary economics and banking and public finance) in the School of Economics 'Djuka Dinic' in Leskovac. After that he worked as counselor CEO for business development in the export-import bank "Eksimbank" A. D. Beograd in Belgrade. With success, he completed postgraduate studies in Frankfurt on Main - SME Finance Frankfurt School of Finance & Management - Bankakademie HFB as well as specialized courses of National Bank of Canada. Return to Serbia, he worked in responsible positions in HVB Bank (HypoVereinsbank) and UniCredit Bank.

He has the licence to be a agent and broker in Insurance of National Bank of Serbia. By decision of the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Serbia, he has been appointed as a permanent court expert of the High Courts of the Republic of Serbia for economic and financial area, with specific point to the field of banking and insurance.

He actively participated in the development and implementation of a large number of development strategies, programs and projects both, at home and abroad. He is a regular participant in national and international conferences and he is the author of important scientific documents in the field of economic and regional development, economic policy, national economics, public finance and monetary economics and banking.

He is the great critic of the neoliberal economic model and ideology. The central figure of economic activity, according to him, is the man and his well-being, and not money, profit and getting rich on the backs of the disenfranchised.

From MENSA Serbia and Montenegro he wasfeatured for recognision of potential and preserving of the human capital of the Republic of Serbia.

He has participated, with great success, as a member of the Serbian delegation at the World Congress of Families and the InternationalScientific Conference “Large Family and Future of Humanity”in Moscow. On this occasion, he got the blessing from the Russian Orthodox Church and he received the “Silver Medal of the Temple of Christ the Savior”.

He speaks French, Italian, English and Bulgarian.

He is also an officer of the Army of Serbia and participant in patriotic wars of 1991 and 1999.

He is organizer and active participant in activities which is gain to help the Serbian people in the South of Serbia and Kosovo, and to renew Serbian holy sites, churches and monasteries in Serbia, especially Chilandar Monastery on Mount Athos. He is married and has three children.

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