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Ivana Dinčić

Current position requires good knowledge of finance, but also provides an opportunity for constantly adaptation and learning during regular work, as well as through numerous trainings.Financial analysis with the preparation of financial statements, for internal and external purposes, provides a direct link between the business and financial aspects of the business, because that with this job comes great responsibility.The most important thing about my job is that every day brings new challenges and new experiences, but one thing is certain - I really love what I do.

The foundations I raised to lecture at the Faculty of Economics and friends acquired during this period, allow me to follow my vision in order to realize it fully.In addition, the tasks that I’m performing in the financial sector, providing me the opportunity to complementtheoretical knowledge acquired at university with practical work.Working with professors and assistants of Faculty of Economics in Nišand their selfless commitment to the lectures and exercises, gave me a good basis for the work where the knowledge gained through academic education is appreciated.

IhopeI can use this opportunity to help my future colleagues in choosing a career and vocational guidance and that we will all be a great example of quality and good practice.

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