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Slađana Radojlović

During her work, Sladjana has acquired two titles:a pedagogical advisor and a supervisor as well as a credit analyist of the 1st level ,acquired at the National Bank of Serbia.

As a mentor ,she has won three second places and one first place at republic competition in the subject Basics of Economics,and within the project ,the second and the third place at national level , and two first and two second places at regional competitions , also within the project intended for education development:

*2nd place at republic competition in Basics of Economics in 2000.

*2nd place at republic competition in Basics of Economics in 2002.

*2nd place at republic competition in Basics of Economics in 2006.

*1st place at republic competition in Basics of Economics in 2013.

*3rd place at National competition ,for the project of the Societe Generale Bank,Innovations in Banking , 2016.

*1st place for the project of the Societe Generale Bank ,2016.

*2nd place at regional competition in entrepreneurship within the project “NaPred”,2018.

(Constantine’s spa)

*2nd place at National entrepreneurial competition “NaPred”,2018.

*1st place in the category of marketing performance within the project “School of students’ entrepreneurship”,2018.,at regional level.

Sladjana also won the St.Sava award of the Faculty of Pholosophy in Nis, for the best methodical preparation (3rd place)in 2019.In 2018.she was declared the Best Educator in Serbia (one of ten best teachers) by The Association for encouragement of entrepreneurship , Zivojin Misic,supported by The Ministry of Education and The Research Institute Petnica.She is the member of the committee for Serbian economic school teachers’ license ,before The Ministry of Education ,Science and Technological Development.

Together with her students and her colleagues, she has created the students’ company “Naissa Consulting” that provides ideas for the development of our city ,Nis, this region and the whole Serbia, which are based on comparative adventages of our country.One of these ideas has been awarded 2nd place at national level.The awarded projects were presented at The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia ,November 2nd,2018.by Sladjana as a mentor ,together with the students’ company and her colleagues.The awarded projects were also introduced to the premier of Serbia.

The project would initiate economic growth and development of the region ,and unemployment would be reduced.

Sladjana performs the function of PR of High School of Economics in Nis,and she is one of the creators of its site.

She is proud to have been a student at Faculty of Economics in Nis,where she acquired a lot of knowledge that has been applied in her job.

Her personal educational site:sladjaekonomija1.wordpress.com

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